To workout with a friend or no?

I usually go alone to run everyday and its amazing what my small body can do, and what you feel after a good run is just “accomplishment”. But, lately I have found a friend with similar interest in running as me, and today i went running with her; but i ran at a quiet slower pace than usual because of company & the talking, and i was enjoying it as well. I was enjoying the trail, the company, the weather. It turned out a good day with a good workout rather than my usual self running alone with a bunch of songs as my company.

This is just pure rambling and to answer this question – its a yes & a no.


When your running alone, you are concentrating hard on running faster to beat your previous day running time or distance. Whereas today, i was running & enjoying it hence my workout time as you can see below :-



The surprising part of my workout today was, i absolutely dint feel it. I dint feel any pain and i dint feel like i was working out.

Of-course, working out with a friend has its advantages, you can have a race with your friend, and you can sure as hell keep motivating each other to complete that last 1 mile or last 5 mins. But today, my workout was all about fun.

Though the picture is not showing the distance, I ran 2.36 miles and i did it in 51 mins. How slow is that ?? But i had fun !! And that time also includes some walking to and fro.

So yeah, the answer is yes. You should go run with company, sometimes. I’m going to continue running with a friend, it makes it all the more worthwhile & fun.

How do you prefer to workout? Alone or with a friend?



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