Focus T25 Alpha Cardio review

I’ve been wanting to do the FocusT25 workout from a very long time & i finally decided to start doing it from today.

My calves are my weak point; period, and this workout really got to my calves Unhappy-smiley. It felt good once the workout was over. Time really flies; i din’t realize the 25 mins pass by.

Being petite – i’m 4’11” and weigh 110 lbs i burned 210 calories in this workout. But a taller person & someone who has a lot of weight to lose can easily burn 300 calories in 25 mins. I’m struggling to lose my last 10 lbs.

In fact i don’t care about how many calories i burnt, i worked my thighs, my quads and calves and it felt great. I will definitely build some definition there!

About FocusT25:

Its a 3 month program divided into Alpha, Beta & Gamma. Created by my favorite trainer Shaun T smile14 . Each workout lasts 25 mins with a cool down stretch in the end.

About the workout:

It is non stop. No breaks unlike insanity!! Seriously i much prefer doing Insanity. I love it !! Anyway you don’t get any water breaks.

There are two burn out rounds where you go all out, full speed & push yourself. Don’t stop during burn outs. First burnout is after 10 mins into the workout. Second burnout at 20 min mark with 5 mins left for the workout to finish. Each burn out lasts 2 mins.

There is a cool down stretch at the end of the workout which is a blessing!! I did do a bit of stretching before hitting play.

This is what the name says: its all cardio. You do variations of jumping jacks, squats & lunges. Oh the lunges and squat hurt so bad. My thighs were on fire! And for the jacks, i was feeling it in my calves.

During the jumping lunges i did have some balance issues. But i’m sure i’l get better next time. I did change to tanya’s way of doing it when my calves were hurting or when i really had to slow it down. But its all work in progress! I’l get there.

Tanya does all the modified moves. I was also doing it at my own pace, hoping by the end of the month i’l be able to do it at their pace.

I won’t get into the details of each & every move. All and all it was a good workout, a good change! And hoping for some inch’s gone… 🙂

And as Shaun T says – Peace out !!

PS: Sorry, no pics today!!




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