Frothy instant coffee ;)


I have used Narasu’s Instant coffee for this recipe. Its quick and there is something about having frothy coffee.

What you need:

Instant coffee (Any brand) – 2 tsp

Sugar – 1/2 tbsp

Milk (I used soy milk + 1tbsp half n half) – 1 cup


Add coffee in a mug with 1 tsp water and start beating(about 5mins) it until it turns light brown in color


After which pour hot milk from a height and enjoy 🙂


The trick to get it frothy is to pour it from a height.


An authentic sindhi dish – Sausaag/Sai bhaji

I grew up having this dish at least once every week. It is so healthy, yet you can easily turn it into an unhealthy dish. As a kid, i never never liked having it & u know why – it has spinach & dal; which kid likes having it?? However i love having it now as its more like a stew or spinach soup to me.

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Idli – A Healthy Meal. Making idli in a food processor.

Idli is a South Indian dish. Its very healthy and i can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, anytime of the day. Each idli is about 40 calories only. Its made out of rice & urad dal. It requires a lot of time & prep work. Takes about 9 hours to make it, but its well worth it.

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