Orange & peach cupcakes topped with orange icing

This is in no way healthy! And sometimes its okay to indulge, that is what keeps me sane. I had oranges & peaches in my fruit basket so i thought of making cupcakes using them; skeptical at first thinking how they would turn out, but hey!! nothing lost /nothing gained & i went ahead with my idea. They did come out good & here i’m sharing with you all after my photographing spree.

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Madeira Cake

I have always been fascinated with baking, and i tried my hands a few times at baking via pressure cooker and microwave and always ended up with a bad cake! Well these days, having an oven, i seemed to have found my love for baking, and its getting addictive!!!

This cake is like a pound cake, and i just love it. It takes me back to the days when i was in school; we used to have a snack break and my mum used to pack pound cake and i used to just wait for the break. Ummm Yummy. Anyway getting back to the recipe.

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